Claim templates are created and managed by an administrator in Account Settings. To create a claim template, visit Account Settings > Issues. Next, click the "Create Claim" button on the upper-right side of the screen and add the type of claim (e.g. breach of contract, discrimination, medical malpractice). 

Once you've created a claim, you can add any issues you would like included in your claim template. For example, in a negligence claim, you might set up issues called "duty", "breach", "causation", and "damages".

Similarly, you can create default issues, which will appear on the Issues page in each new case created. They are issues that are common to all (or almost all) cases but aren't related to a particular legal claim. Examples are "material", "disputed fact" and "background". 

Here is an example of how to set up both a claim template and a default issue: 

Once you've set up claim templates, anytime you open a new case you can select from your template library to automatically populate an outline of the relevant claims and issues for that case. To learn more about working with issues generally in CaseFleet, click here

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