Sometimes when you're reviewing a document in CaseFleet, you'll find relevant text that runs from one page to another, or spans across more than two pages. There are two ways to cite text in these scenarios:

Using the Link to Existing Fact Feature

One way to create a citation across pages is to use the "link to existing fact" feature in the document reviewer. To do this, go to the page where the text you want to cite begins and highlight it. In the form for creating the new fact, go ahead and enter all the details you want to appear for the fact: the text of the fact, the date, and any issues you want to select.

Next, save the fact. Now visit the next page and highlight the remaining portion of the text you wanted to cite. After you've highlighted the text and the fact form has opened, scroll down and choose the option to link to an existing fact. A search modal will appear that will contain the most recent fact you created as the first result. Select that fact by clicking on it (or enter keywords from the fact you'd like to link and select it from the list of facts is the search bar). Then hit save again in the fact form. 

After you've located the fact you created on the last page, click on it. You'll see that the text you highlighted on the current page will be appended to the text of the fact. You can delete this text if you want, or leave it in place. After doing that, hit save. When you view the fact on the facts page, you'll see that it has two citations: one for the first page and another for the second page. Each citation will have the source text linked to it and each will allow you to open the the document at the exact location where the text is found.

Editing the Pin Cite

A second method for citing to text that spans multiple pages is to edit the pin cite when you create the fact on the first page. If the text you're citing runs from page 10 to page 11 of the document you're viewing, you'd simple change the default pin cite from "at 10" to "at 10-11". If you want the source text on the citation to match text in the document that spans multiple pages, you can edit the citation by pulling up the fact on the Facts page in CaseFleet.

Both of the above methods allow you to create accurate citations to the evidence. Sometimes it's easier to edit the pin cite directly, but if you want the source text to be added automatically, it's often better to use the first method. 

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