Templates save you time and help keep you organized. With claim templates, you can craft reusable issue templates for the types of claims you regularly handle such as such as wrongful death, sexual harassment, or breach of contract. For each template you create, you'll include the name of the claim and the issues relevant to the claim. 

For example if you are a personal injury attorney, you might create a claim template for "negligence". Among issues you would include within the claim of negligence are "duty", "breach", "causation" and "damages." Once the template is created it is available to select on every subsequent case you open, saving you the time of re-writing the same claims/issues over and over in each new case. 

In addition to claim templates there is an option to create default issues that automatically appear in each new case created. Default issues standalone issues that aren't nested under a particular claim. Examples of default issues that may be useful to have appear on each case opened include, "background", "key facts", or "undisputed".

Both claim and issue templates are created from Account Settings under the link for "Issues". 

To learn how to set up a claim template, visit our "Setting up Claim and Issues Templates" article.

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