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Updating and Deleting Tasks
Updating and Deleting Tasks

How to edit or delete an existing task.

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Viewing Tasks in Casefleet

Once your task is created, you may view it from three different places within the Casefleet app:

  • The Tasks tab in the menu bar of a case. The list found here only includes tasks assigned to that specific case.

  • The global Tasks page, is accessible in the left-side toolbar. The Tasks Manager will let you view a comprehensive list of all tasks across all cases, and any tasks not assigned to a specific case.

  • Your Dashboard. A list of the next five upcoming tasks assigned to you on your Dashboard, including any overdue tasks you may have.

Updating Task Status

As you work on your tasks, click the checkbox to the right of the task and select "Mark as in Progress" to notify your team that you have started work. When you have completed the task, click the same checkbox and select "Mark as Complete" to remove the task from your list and let everyone know you're finished!

Editing Task Details

Editing a task in Casefleet is easy. Simply click on the pencil icon to the right of a task in your tasks list.

From here you can edit the details of the task, such as changing the status, adjusting a due date, adding or removing an assignee, etc. Click "Save" to save any changes made to the task.

Deleting a Task

To delete a task, click the edit (pencil) icon in your tasks list, then click the red "Delete" button.

CAUTION: Deleting records in Casefleet is irreversible.

There is no "undelete" option or recycle bin to restore deleted records in Casefleet. Please delete with caution!

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