To review a deposition in CaseFleet's specialized deposition reviewer, upload the .txt or ASCII version of the transcript from the court reporter. 

Note: If you do not have a .txt file, but do have a .ptx file, click on this link and download the E-Transcript Viewer. You can use the E-Transcript Viewer to export the deposition as ASCII. Upload your ASCII file into CaseFleet. Converting a .pdf or .docx file by simply saving it as .txt file will not produce the desired result.

Once uploaded, locate your deposition within your sources list. You should see a small icon labeled "Depo" indicating the document was successfully processed as deposition.

When you click “Launch Reviewer” on the right, CaseFleet will open the transcript in a specialized deposition reviewer. This interface allows you to scroll through the entire document seamlessly, and when creating facts via highlighting, the pin cite will automatically extract the page and line numbers spanning the highlight.

Click here for more tips and tricks when creating facts via CaseFleet's document reviewer.

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