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Using Saved Views to Create Snapshots of Sources
Using Saved Views to Create Snapshots of Sources

Saved views is a time-saving tool that gives you the ability to save filter and column preferences so that you can recall them later.

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Casefleet's Saved Views feature gives you the ability to save various combinations of filters and custom columns for easy recall at a later time. You can also choose a particular "view" to be your default view, and it will be loaded automatically when you visit the page.

Saved views don’t take the place of filters. In fact, you can visit any page with saved views and use the filters without creating or using saved views at all! On the other hand, if you’re frequently filtering the page in a particular way, you can save lots of time by using saved views.

Creating a Saved View

To start using the Saved Views feature on the Sources page, visit the page and click the filters button to add a filter or the columns button to modify the columns that are visible and how they are ordered. Once you've made any changes to the filters or columns, click "Save as New View" to open the form to save the current set of filters as New View.

Congratulations! You've created your first saved view. After you've saved the view, a few handy buttons will appear: 

  • The Star button sets the view as your default view for this particular page.

  • The Copy button creates a duplicate copy of the current saved view.

  • The People icon shares the saved view with the rest of your team. Other users will be able to apply the view to their accounts, but they won’t be able to make changes to it.

  • The Trashcan icon deletes the saved view.

Now that you have a saved view on the page, a new element appears that lets you choose which view to apply to the page and also gives you the ability to "Star" a view to make it your default for the page.

Click on the name of the view to apply it, or click on the star icon to make it your default.

Editing a Saved View

If you need to edit a view that you've created, first select it from the drop-down list, then click on the name of the view. Use either the "Edit Filters" button that appears or the filter tool to make changes to the saved view. If you make any changes, you'll be prompted to save them.

Whenever you want to view the page unfiltered, just click the "X" icon on the right side of the view button. This will reset the filters and give you the ability to create a new view, or simply work with the filters if you don't want to create a view.

If you have any questions about saved views, click the chat button in the bottom right to send us a question, or email us at

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