Emails often contain important evidence that you'll want to include in your chronology. If the emails are part of a production, they may already be saved as a .pdf file, which you can easily drag and drop onto the Sources page. However, if the emails are currently stored in your Gmail or Outlook account then you may prefer to keep the email in their native format. 

To save an email in .eml format from your Gmail inbox

  1. Click the three dots to the right of the reply icon, then select "show original." 

  2. Click "download original."

  3. The email should be downloaded to your computer in a .eml file type; however, it's possible you may need to edit the file type extension.

To save an email in .eml format from your Outlook inbox, check out this Microsoft Support Article: Save a Message as a File.

Once your email has been downloaded to your computer, you can simply drag and drop it into CaseFleet to upload it onto your Source pave. Once uploaded, click the "Launch Reviewer" button to view the email in CaseFleet. 

Note: By saving in .eml format, CaseFleet will keep the attachments with the email. You can easily toggle between the email and the attachment from within the Document reviewer. 

In addition to .pdf and .eml, CaseFleet is compatible with over 40 other file formats. (See the full list of supported file types here.) 

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