Bulk Editing Facts

How to apply issue tags to multiple facts at once.

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When you need to modify issue tags or archive multiple facts, it's much faster to edit in bulk than to update your facts one at a time. To bulk edit issues in facts, select which facts you want to bulk edit using the checkboxes on the left-most column. You can also use the search bar or filters to help select a particular set of facts.

NOTE: The Select All / Deselect All option will only select facts currently displayed on the Facts screen, which are loaded in increments of 50. For cases with more than 50 facts, scroll to the end of the Facts list before clicking the Select All checkbox. This will ensure all facts have fully loaded and are included in your selection.

Once you've selected the facts you want to update, click the orange "Edit Fact" button. A form will appear where you can choose the issue tags you want to apply to the selected facts. If you leave the tags unchanged, no changes will be made to the records: their original values will be preserved. If you make a change, the value you set will be applied to all of the records you selected.

Understanding the Editing Functions

When you initially open the bulk editor, each of the tags' checkboxes will either be empty, have a check mark, or have a horizontal line across it.

  • An empty checkbox designates a tag that is currently attached to none of the facts selected. Click the checkbox to apply it to all of the selected records.

  • A horizontal bar in the checkbox is applied to some, but not all of the facts you selected. Check the box to apply it to all facts. If you don't want this tag to be added to or removed from any of the selected facts, do not click on the checkbox.

  • A checked checkbox is currently applied to all of the facts you have selected. Unchecking it will remove it from all selected facts.

Clicking on one of the issues will add it to a new pane showing a preview of the changes you want to make:

For example, in the graphic above, the issue "Comparator Analysis" will be added to 7 facts, whereas the "Pretext" issue will be removed from those facts. Clicking the "x" button on the right side will cancel the change.

Once you're happy with the changes you want to make, click "Save Changes" to apply the changes in bulk to the facts you selected.

To learn how to bulk archive facts, click here.

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