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Exporting Sources with OCR
Exporting Sources with OCR

Convert documents to a PDF with detectable text.

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Certain reports in Casefleet offer the option to include a zip file of the documents they reference.
There are two report options that will export sources relevant to the report:

  • Download report with hyperlinked documents. πŸ”—

  • Receive a .zip file containing all documents referenced in the report.

When either of these options are selected, an additional checkbox will appear, giving you the option to convert the exported files to OCR versions of the original documents in PDF format. Selecting this option ensures that any text recognized by Casefleet's text-detection functionality will be included in the files you download.

NOTE: Certain documents, such as audio files, video files, spreadsheets, and TXT-formatted depositions cannot be converted to PDF and will be included in their native/original format.

Since the process entails converting a document to PDF and then performing OCR on the converted pages, selecting the OCR'd PDF option will require more time to generate. Casefleet recommends using this report option only when necessary.

Continue selecting your desired options, then click Generate to create your report. When the report is ready, it will appear at the bottom of the page.
To learn more about hyperlinked documents in reports, click here.

For more information on Casefleet's document processing, duplicate detection, and text recognition, click here.

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