Merging Facts

How to combine multiple facts into one single fact.

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When building out a complex case chronology, you may realize you've created duplicate facts. Or perhaps you want to combine multiple facts into a single event for your timeline.

Merging facts in your chronology combines the fact content, citations, issues, and comments of the various facts into one fact record. The resulting new fact will adopt the date of the first fact selected for the merge.

For any duplicate facts you may have created, you can merge them by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Facts tab of your case and identify which facts you want to combine.

  2. First, select the checkbox next to the fact with the date/time setting you want to maintain for the new, combined fact record.

  3. Select the checkbox next to any additional fact(s) you want to merge into the first fact.

  4. At the top of your chronology, click the white merge button (next to the orange bulk edit button).

  5. Review the confirmation pop-up and click "Merge". Behind the scenes, Casefleet will ensure that all of the details for the two records you're merging are combined in the most reasonable way possible.

The new fact created by the merge will appear. Here you can make any necessary edits to the resulting fact, such as editing the content, changing Issue tags, or removing duplicate citations.

NOTE: Once you've confirmed the merging of facts, the original fact records are deleted. Merging facts is irreversible.

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