Bulk Upload Case Contacts

Import a set of contacts to your case via a CSV file.

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Casefleet's case contacts import feature provides a superior way of adding up to 500 contact records to your case in bulk from a CSV file, rather than having to create new contacts one at a time.

NOTE: Contacts can only be imported in bulk to a specific case file. Once imported to the case, they will also appear in your global Contacts menu, accessible via the vertical menu on the left.

Preparing Your Contact Data for Import

To upload contacts, prepare a CSV file with the following headers:

  • first name*

  • last name*

  • name* (for entity/organization contacts)

  • address line 1

  • address line 2

  • city

  • state

  • zip

  • phone

  • email


  • A first name, last name, or entity name must be provided in order for a contact record to be created.

  • Data must be provided in CSV file format for imports (not .xlsx).

  • Imports are limited to 500 contact records. If your CSV contains more than 500 records, only the first 500 data rows will be imported.

Importing Contacts to Your Case File

To upload contacts, visit the Contacts tab in the appropriate case file and click the import button at the top-right of the contacts list:

Upon clicking the button, the following pop-up will be displayed:

Choose the appropriate CSV file from your computer files, or drag and drop the CSV file in the blue upload area. A preview of the contacts to be imported will be generated, along with any warnings or error messages. Here you can choose to continue with the import by clicking the orange button at the bottom of the preview list, or by clicking Cancel to exit the tool:

Once your contact import begins, you will see the orange Save button indicate the percentage progress of the import. You can monitor here, or click the "Close" button to continue working while the import progresses in the background.

NOTE: If you opt to close the contacts import modal before the import completes, you may be required to refresh your browser window for any new contacts from the import project to appear in your contact lists.

Merging Duplicate Contacts

After importing a set of contacts to your case, Casefleet advises reviewing your contacts list for possible duplicates. To learn more about how to merge duplicate contacts in Casefleet, click here.

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