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Merging Contact Records
Merging Contact Records

Combine duplicate contacts by merging them into a single contact record.

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Often a person or entity will show up in multiple cases, and it's best to only have one record for that contact in the database.

This support article covers the following:

Duplicate Contact Warning

When creating a new contact, Casefleet attempts to help you avoid creating multiple contact entries for the same individual. If you enter the name of the contact matching an existing contact record in your account, you'll be prompted to link the existing contact rather than create a new one.

Merging Duplicate Contacts

For any duplicates that may have already been created in your account, you can easily merge them into a single contact record. This is especially helpful if you are importing contacts in bulk to your cases.

First, go to the contact record for the contact that you would like to keep and click the merge button on the top right of the page. Search for and choose the contact you wish to merge into this record and confirm your choice. Behind the scenes, Casefleet will ensure that all of the details for the two records you're merging are combined in the most reasonable way possible.

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