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Adding Multiple Citations to a Single Fact
Adding Multiple Citations to a Single Fact

Link new evidence to an existing fact by creating a new citation with the "Link to Existing Fact" option.

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Sometimes more than one piece of evidence proves a single fact. As you build your case, you can easily link a new piece of evidence to an existing fact in your chronology while reviewing a document. (This method can be useful when citing text spanning multiple pages.)

First, open the document reviewer and highlight the portion of the text you wish to create the new citation for (or use the "cite page" button in the toolbar). When the "Create New Fact" sidebar opens, click the "Link to existing fact" button at the top of the form.

When you click "link to existing fact" a search bar appears allowing you to search through the existing facts in your timeline to locate which fact you would like linked to the current document location.

NOTE: The top search result will be the last 5 facts you created in the case.

Once you locate the fact you'd like to link the new citation to, click on it and the fact form will reopen. Any new highlighted text will automatically be added to the fact content following an ellipsis (...). From here, you can edit the merged/linked facts or leave them as is.

When you are done, click "Save". The result will be a single fact with multiple evidence citations.

You can also add new (or additional) citations directly on the Facts tab. Click here for instructions.

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