Often it's most convenient to create citations from the Document Reviewer, but in some cases you may have a document that isn't a supported file type, or that's otherwise difficult to view. In these cases, you can create accurate citations without even opening the Document Reviewer.

Note: A "Citation" in CaseFleet is simply a link between a Fact and a Source. As an example, the proof for fact "X read the contract before signing it" may be found on page 31 of the source titled "Deposition of X". The citation is what links the fact to the source and tells us which page of the source provides the proof. 

To create a citation without the document reviewer, visit the Facts tab of your case, and either click the "Create Fact" button to add a citation to a new fact, or click the pencil icon to edit a fact that already exists:

On the Edit Fact modal, click text that says "+ New Citation":

You'll now see a prompt to choose the Source. Here, you're choosing whichever document (or other type of source) contains the proof for this fact.

After choosing the source, you can specify the "Pin Cite" and the "Source Text" for the citation:

  • Pin Cite: The specific location in the Source where the proof for the fact is found. The pin cite is generally a short phrase that begins with the word "at".
  • Source Text: The actual text or words in the source document that prove the fact on the page referred to in the pin cite.

For sources that have pages (such as PDF documents, Word documents, and the like), CaseFleet will verify that that the value you enter in the Pin Cite field matches a particular page in the source. You'll see an extra field for documents with pages called "Document Page Number". CaseFleet ensures that you're only able to enter values in this field that match pages that actually exist in the document.

After you've entered the details for the citation, simply hit "Save," and you'll see your new citation.

Please contact us at support@casefleet.com or by using the chat button in the bottom right of your screen if you have any questions!

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