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Task Reminders

How to create reminders for upcoming assigned tasks.

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Reminders allow you to create one or more notices before a task is due. A reminder can be a popup or an email to you. You'll see a popup reminder when you have CaseFleet open, whereas an email reminder will go straight to your inbox at the chosen time.

To create a reminder, create a new task or edit an existing task. Below the Due Date and Time fields, you'll see a link stating "+ Add a Reminder." Each time you click the link, a new reminder will be created for the task, and you can decide how soon before the task is due you want to receive the reminder notification(s).

A Note About Task Reminders

Task reminders are individual to the user in CaseFleet. This means that any reminders you create for a task will only go to you, even if the task is assigned to another user. Whenever you assign a task to another user, they will receive an email notification, from which they can open the task and create their own reminders.

The benefit of per-user reminders is that you can set as many as you want without sending too many emails to your colleagues, and you can rest assured that no one else will delete or change the reminders you've set up for yourself on a task. 

If your team includes privileged information in tasks, an account administrator can choose to redact notification emails in Account Settings > Email.

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