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Assigning Tasks to Other Users
Assigning Tasks to Other Users

How to create and assign a task to another team member.

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The process of assigning a task to another user is very similar to creating a task for yourself. Simply create a new task, and make sure the proper user(s) are selected as assignees.

A few important things to remember when creating tasks for another user:

  • Task reminders you create only go to you, even if the task is assigned to another user. Assignees can open the task and add their own personalized reminders. This allows each user to set as many reminders as he or she wants without burdening colleagues with unwanted notifications. It also ensures that no one else can delete or change reminders you've set up for a task.

  • As the person assigning the task, you will receive an email notification when the task you assigned is marked as in progress or completed.

  • You can "unfollow" notifications for comments on any individual task. If you prefer not to receive task notifications at all, they can be disabled on the “Notifications” tab in your User Profile. However, Casefleet recommends you do not disengage this feature as doing so makes it more difficult to keep track of task assignments.

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