Most records in CaseFleet can be deleted with the following steps:

  1. Click the edit button (either a pencil icon or a button that says "Edit")
  2. Click the delete button at the bottom of the edit form
  3. Click the confirm button

Presto! Your record should be deleted. The following types of records can be deleted in this way: cases, issues, contacts, sources, and tasks.

Delete Issue

Facts are a little bit different. To delete fact, first open it by clicking its edit button. Then click the three dots icon at the top of the fact form. From the available options, choose the option to delete the fact, and then hit the confirm button.

Delete Fact

Note: Deleting records in CaseFleet is irreversible. There is no undelete button or recycle bin. Deleting a source will undo all citations for facts created from that source. Moreover, deleting a record like a case will cause all of its sub-records (such as facts and issues) to be deleted as well. For these reasons, we do not support a bulk delete option and encourage you to delete with caution! 

Instead, we offer bulk archiving for sources and facts (which is similar to bulk delete but without the drawbacks). To learn how to bulk archive sources click here. For instructions on bulk archiving facts, click here.

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