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How to bulk archive sources within your case

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Bulk archive is similar to a bulk delete function - it removes unused or unneeded records from your sources list. The key difference is that archived sources can be retrieved if needed; deleted sources cannot (which is why CaseFleet only allows Administrators to use the bulk-delete feature).

Archiving Records

To archive records, visit the Sources page. Once there you can select the sources that you would like to archive by checking the box to the left of the source name. After you have selected the sources that you would like to archive, click the "Edit Sources" button. The bulk edit source box will display and you can select "Archive Records" to archive your sources. 

Archived sources will not appear in search results. To view archived sources, you can select the Filter button and toggle between "Showing" and "Hidden" next to Archived Records at the top of the filter box. 

Restoring Archived Records

To restore archived records, use the filter to toggle to "showing" next to Archived Records. Then check the box to the left of the source documents you'd like to restore and click "Edit Sources". Once the edit modal pops up, scroll to the bottom and click "Restore Sources". 

Un-archive Duplicate Documents upon Upload

If you have previously archived a source and attempt to upload the same document again, it is flagged as a duplicate with the option to quickly unarchive the original, so it appears in your Sources list.

To learn how to use our other bulk edit features for Sources, click here.

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