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Bulk Editing Sources

Learn how to apply tags, assign reviews, and update the review status of multiple sources at once

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When you need to modify the assigned reviewer, review status, or tags for more than a handful of sources, it's much faster to edit in bulk on the Sources page than to make your edits one at a time. 

Using the Bulk Editor to Update Sources

To bulk edit sources, either: (1) click the box to the left of the Sources column to select all sources,  or (2) individually click the box next to each source to create a customized list for bulk editing. Additionally, you can use the Search bar or Filter to quickly select a particular set of sources. 

Once you've selected the sources you want to update, an orange "Edit Sources" button will appear. Clicking the button will bring up the form below. It allows you to choose the value you want to apply for each source's assigned reviewer, review status, or tags. If you leave any of these fields unchanged, no changes will be made to the records: their original values will be preserved. If you make a change, the value you set will be applied to all of the records you selected.

Bulk Editing Source Tags

The tags section of the bulk edit form has some special features:

When you initially open the bulk editor, each of the tags' checkboxes will either be empty, have a checkmark, or have a horizontal line across it.

  • A tag that starts with an empty checkbox is a tag that is currently attached to none of the records you selected. Click the checkbox to apply it to all of the selected records.

  • A tag with a horizontal bar in the checkbox is applied to some, but not all of the sources you selected. If you don't want this tag to be added to or removed from any of the sources you selected, do not click on the checkbox.

  • A tag with a checked checkbox is currently applied to all of the sources you selected. Unchecking it will remove it from the sources.

You can also search for specific source tags to narrow your list of selection choices.

To read generally about organizing your source documents with tags, check out our article on organizing sources.

Archiving and Deleting Sources in Bulk

Bulk archive is similar to a bulk delete function - it removes unused or unneeded records from your sources list. The key difference is that archived sources can be retrieved if needed; deleted sources cannot (which is why Casefleet only allows Administrators to use the bulk-delete feature).

For more information about bulk archiving sources, click here.

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