Filtering Sources

Learn how to view a subset of sources or documents that match certain criteria.

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When you have many sources in a case, it's often helpful to be able to filter the list of sources. For example, you may want to focus on sources that have been assigned to you as a reviewer but which haven't yet been reviewed. Let's start by filtering sources by their assigned reviewer property.

Filtering by Reviewer

To get started, click the Filters button on the Sources page.

The filter will open with a sample filter that you can apply to filter by the reviewer property of each source. If you want to view sources that are assigned to a single person, leave the middle column set to "has any of" and choose that person's name in the third column:

The filter will now have a b indicating that it is active. If you want to view sources assigned to one user OR a second user, simply add the second user to the third column. You can also choose other options in the middle column, such as:

  • has none of

  • is empty

  • is not empty

The "is empty" option is helpful when you want to find sources that haven't yet been assigned to a reviewer.

Using Other Filters

When you open the filter, you can change the first filter and you can also stack multiple filters. To change the type of a filter, simply click the first column, and scroll through the list of available fields (including document metadata):

Source filtering options currently include reviewer, status, tags, uploaded date, source name, document name, beginning bates, citations count, etc. Each filter will have its own special set of options. For example, the uploaded date option provides the option to view sources uploaded on any date after a date that you choose or, alternatively, between two dates.

You can choose an almost infinite variety of filters to get exactly the result you want when viewing the sources in your case.

To save your filtered results for future access, create a saved view.

To learn how to filter facts on your chronology page, including filtering by source tag, check out our article for filtering facts

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