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Hyperlinked Reports

Learn how to generate reports that contain links to their associated documents.

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Certain reports in CaseFleet offer the option to include hyperlinks to the documents they reference. When you visit the reports page, you'll see a small hyperlink icon next to the document type for the reports that include this option:

To include hyperlinks in the downloaded report, select the option that says "Download report with hyperlinked documents. 🔗" before you click the Generate button:

Once selected, an additional checkbox will appear, giving you the option to convert the exported files to OCR versions of the original documents in PDF format. Selecting this option ensures that any text recognized by CaseFleet's text-detection functionality will be included in the files you download.

NOTE: Certain documents, such as audio files, video files, spreadsheets, and TXT-formatted depositions cannot be converted to PDF and will be included in their native/original format.

Continue selecting your desired options, then click Generate to create your report.

When the report is ready, it will appear at the bottom of the page. Click the link that says "Download Documents" to download it. The report and the associated documents will be contained in a zip archive named "".

To view the report with links, first, unzip the archive and open the folder. Inside, you'll see the report and a sub-folder named "files," which contains all of the downloaded documents.

NOTE: Reports with hyperlinks must be opened from the unzipped folder location, otherwise the links will not launch the associated document. All hyperlinked documents open to page 1 of the document.

To preserve the links between the report and the documents, do not move or rename the documents. You can move the "bundle" folder, but the "files" folder will need to remain in the same folder as the report file.

The first time that you click a link in a report, your operating system may ask you to confirm the action or grant access to the related file. (You'll only need to grant access one time per file).

NOTE: Bookmarks and highlighted text in CaseFleet are designed only for use within the CaseFleet application. When a source document is downloaded from CaseFleet, the document provided is the original file uploaded to your account.

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