Customizing your Sources Page

Choose what information about your sources is visible in the columns on the Sources page.

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The Sources tab in CaseFleet can be customized, with over 30 fields to choose from for column selection. From fields that aid in document review for teams to fields that show metadata, your sources list can be customized to keep key information about your files visible at all times.

By default, the columns visible on the Sources tab in CaseFleet are source name, number of citations, source tags, and date for each file you've uploaded.

To customize the columns you see for each source, click on the edit column button and select from the additional options. You can adjust the order of visible columns in your view by clicking the double bar next to the active columns and dragging them to the desired order.

NOTE: When adjusting column order, the vertical order in the column chooser drop-down corresponds to the horizontal order of the columns on the page.

Below is a list of all of the column fields available: 

User-editable data fields

  • Source (the name of the source in CaseFleet)

  • Citations count

  • Tags

  • Date (of the document)

  • Path 

  • Reviewer

  • Status (of review)

  • Contacts

  • Uploaded date

  • Created by

  • Memo

  • Beginning Bates number

  • Bates Range

  • Size

  • Pages 

  • Custodian

  • Percent (of document) Reviewed 

Universal metadata fields

  • Content type

  • Created date

  • Created by

  • Last changed date

  • Document (original file name)

  • Title (sometimes available in PDF documents)

Metadata fields unique to Microsoft Office applications

  • Last edited by

  • Editing Time

  • Last Printed

Email metadata fields

  • To Address

  • To Name

  • From Address

  • From Name

  • Subject

  • Sent

  • CC Address

  • CC Name

  • BCC Address

  • BCC Name

Image metadata fields

  • Camera make

  • Camera model

  • Coordinates

To save your column selection, create a saved view and set it as default so your customized column selection appears each time you navigate to the Sources page for your case.

To learn other tips for navigating and organizing the Sources page of a case, check out our articles on viewing and filtering document metadata,  managing document review, filtering your sources, and using source tags for organization. 

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