Bulk Archiving Facts

How to remove multiple unneeded facts from your case at once.

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Bulk archive is similar to a bulk delete function - it removes unused or unneeded records from your facts list. The key difference is that archived facts can be retrieved if needed; deleted facts cannot (which is why Casefleet only allows Administrators to use the bulk-delete feature). 

Archiving Facts

To archive fact records, visit the Facts tab of your case. Here you can select the facts you would like to archive by checking the box to the left of each fact.

Once you have selected the facts for archiving, click the orange "Edit Facts" button. The bulk edit fact box will display and you can select "Archive Facts" to archive. 

Archived facts will not appear in search results or reports. To view archived facts, select the Filter button and toggle the "Show archived records" checkbox at the top of the filter box: 

Restoring Archived Facts

To restore archived facts, open the filter and select the "Show archived records" checkbox. Then select the boxes to the left of the facts you'd like to restore, and click the "Edit Fact" button. Once the edit modal pops up, scroll to the bottom and click "Restore Facts".

To learn how to use our other bulk edit features for facts, click here.

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