To start reviewing a spreadsheet, simply upload it to your case by dragging and dropping the file onto the Sources tab or via the Select Files option.

Once uploaded, locate your spreadsheet within your sources list. Launch the spreadsheet reviewer by clicking the "Launch Reviewer" button on the right.

Creating Citations for Spreadsheet Files

To create citations, select any number of cells and click the "Cite Selection" button at the top of the page. The selection will automatically copy any included text to the fact and set the pin cite to the particular location within the spreadsheet.

Full-Text Search

Search is also supported in the spreadsheet viewer. You can use all of CaseFleet's advanced full-text search features to locate specific text within the spreadsheet (including cell notes and comments). Selecting a search result will automatically navigate you to the appropriate cell within the reviewer.

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Supported Formats

CaseFleet's spreadsheet reviewer supports the following file types:

  • .csv, .xls, and .xlsx

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