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Using Bookmarks in the Document Reviewer
Using Bookmarks in the Document Reviewer

How to add, edit and view existing PDF bookmarks in CaseFleet.

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When working with large documents, bookmarks can be a helpful way of quickly jumping to specific sections in the document and navigating through hundreds or thousands of pages in a PDF more efficiently.

CaseFleet's bookmarks feature gives you the ability to save various locations in a document so you can quickly revisit them later at the click of a button. Moreover, any existing bookmarks present in PDF documents are automatically created for the document in CaseFleet.

This article covers:

NOTE: Bookmarks created and edited in CaseFleet are only available for use within the CaseFleet application. When a source document is downloaded from CaseFleet, the document provided is the original file uploaded to your account (unless the option to receive OCR'd PDF versions is selected).

Viewing Existing Bookmarks (PDF only)

When a bookmarked PDF file is uploaded as a source, CaseFleet automatically clones any existing bookmarks for use within the document reviewer.

To view an existing PDF bookmark, open the document reviewer and click the bookmarks icon in the toolbar to display the bookmarks sidebar:

NOTE: Only bookmarks that can be viewed or have been created in the Adobe Acrobat application are able to be imported into CaseFleet.

Creating Bookmarks

To create a bookmark, launch the document in the reviewer window, and navigate to the desired page. Click the ribbon icon in the toolbar to display the bookmarks sidebar, then click the orange "Create New" button at the top of the pane.

A pop-up modal will display, where you can enter a title for the bookmark, and confirm the page number for the bookmark's location.

Save the bookmark, and it will now appear in the sidebar. Simply click on the bookmark to jump to the desired page in the document.

Editing and Deleting Bookmarks

To edit an existing bookmark, hover over the bookmark title and click on the pencil icon. This will open the "Edit Bookmark" modal, where you can edit the bookmark title, change the page location or delete.

NOTE: Editing the page a bookmark is associated with changes the location the bookmark is linked to within the document.

Reordering and Nesting Bookmarks

Bookmarks in CaseFleet can be easily reorganized by drag-and-drop in the bookmarks sidebar. Nested bookmarks are supported up to 5 levels.

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