Using the Highlight Context Menu

Enable the highlight context menu for additional actions when highlighting text.

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When highlighting text in a document during your review, the default action is to create a new fact in your chronology. However, sometimes you may want to perform other actions from a highlight. Further options upon highlighting text can be added by enabling the highlight context menu in the document reviewer.

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Enabling and Disabling the Highlight Context Menu

To enable or disable the highlight context menu, first launch a document in the reviewer. Click the gear icon in the reviewer toolbar then select the option to enable/disable the highlight context menu, shown here:

The highlight context menu setting is personal to each user, so you can enable or disable the context menu for your desired experience.

Highlight Context Menu Options

When the highlight context menu is enabled, instead of automatically opening the form to create a new fact, highlighting text in a document displays a sub-menu presenting the following options:

  • Create fact

  • Create contact

  • Create issue

  • Copy text

  • Copy with pincite

Selecting an option to create a fact, contact, or issue will open the appropriate sidebar in the reviewer and populate the relevant field based on your highlighted text.

In this example, notice that the highlighted name is auto-populated in the First and Last Name fields for creating a new contact record:

There are two options for copying the selected highlight text from the document to your clipboard or pasting it into another application. The "Copy text" option will add just the selected text to your clipboard. Choosing the "Copy with pincite" option will copy both the text and citation details to your clipboard.

For more information on Casefleet's text highlight functionality, click here.

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