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How to backup and export your CaseFleet account data.

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There are currently 3 different methods that can be used for backing up and exporting data from your CaseFleet account:

Full Account Backup (Raw Data Export)

Backing up your data is another important part of administering your account. To download a backup copy of your account's raw data, simply visit Account Settings > Exports.

Click the "+ Export My Data" button to start the export. All of your data will be loaded into a variety of CSV files and compressed into a ZIP file. Typically, this data set is used as a data backup or when migrating to a different program.

Once your export is completed, a download link will be available under Account Settings > Exports


  1. Currently, there's no way to limit the raw data export to a single case file. The entirety of your account's raw data up to the time the export is run will be pulled.

  2. The raw data export does not include copies of Source documents. Backup copies of your case documents should be exported per case via the method described below.

Case Reports

For a backup of your case data outside of CaseFleet that's more "readable" than the raw data, you can run a variety of the report options available under the specific case file. Namely, CaseFleet suggests using the Fact Spreadsheet, Simple Chronology Table, and Facts by Issues reports (along with any others your team uses regularly) when exporting your case data.

You can also export all the Contacts, Sources, and Tasks for a case file on those respective tabs, as needed, to create a set of archives for a particular case.

For more details, please view this support article: Exporting Facts and Running Reports.

Case Sources Bundle Report

For a backup of all sources in your case, along with any additional source data (including metadata, source tags, assigned reviewers, etc.) you can clear all filters, then click the "Download" button on the top-right of the Sources tab to export all the documents and source data (including metadata, tags, etc.) along with a zip file of all the original documents.

For more details, please view this support article: Exporting Source Data and Downloading Sources.

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