CaseFleet is a case chronology tool for organizing facts, dates, witnesses, issues, and evidence. It's a better alternative to notepads, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets, giving you a way to take notes on your cases that are reusable, searchable, and collaborative. No matter what sort of case you are handling, CaseFleet will save you time and make you better prepared. 

Getting started is as easy as clicking the Create a Case button on your Cases dashboard. From there, you'll be taken to your case dashboard page where you can begin adding key information and documents - your Contacts, Issues, Sources, and Facts - that you'll use to create your chronology. From your dashboard, you'll also be able to set a time zone (important if you have time-specific facts) and add team members to your case.

To learn more about the key components of CaseFleet and how you'll use them to organize and build your case, click here.

To read our best practices for initial set up after opening a case, click here.

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