By default, if you create a new case in CaseFleet, you are automatically designated as an assigned user to that case. As an assigned user, your name is linked to that case, meaning any time you filter a list by user, the case will appear as one of your cases. For example, you can filter your case list by a user to view only the cases where you are an assigned user:

When setting up a case that involves other users, it's important to include each team member as an assigned user. Not only will this ensure the case appears on filtered lists for those users; adding the assigned users will unlock collaborative functions within the following features:

To Add or Remove Yourself From a Case

You can easily add or remove yourself as an assigned user on a case from any tab within the case file. Click on the orange "+" button in the upper right-hand corner to join or leave the case:

Note: Administrators and Standard Users can add themselves as an assigned user to any case in your account. Limited and Guest Users must be added to a case by an Administrator or Standard User.

To Assign Other Users to a Case

Adding team members as assigned users to a case improves collaboration and helps everyone keep abreast of tasks for the group, monitor review status, and communicate with each other regarding case analysis from a centralized case file.

Follow these steps to assign other users to a case:

  1. Visit the Case Home page, then click on the white "+" button in the upper right-hand corner. 

  2. Next, click the "Add more users" button, then the + button next to the name of each user you wish to add to your case. 

  3. Once you've added the appropriate user(s), "x" out of the modal to return to your case. 

NOTE: Limited Users and Free Guest Users in CaseFleet must be added as assigned users to their applicable cases in order for them to see and access these cases in their accounts. Click here for instructions on how to change which case a user is assigned to.

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