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How to manage security privileges for CaseFleet users.

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User Permission Levels

Setting up your user's permissions in your account is an important step for keeping your data secure. There are four available permissions levels in CaseFleet: 

  • Account Administrator - Administrators have access to all data in the system, including Account Settings. Single account holders or the person who originated the account for a multi-user account are designated account administrators by default (see below).

  • Standard User - Standard users have access to all cases and data in the account, except for information found in Account Settings. 

  • Limited User - Limited users will only be able to see data related to cases to which they have been assigned.

  • Free Guest User - Guest users may only be assigned to a single case within CaseFleet. Access is free.

NOTE: Limited Users and Guest Users in CaseFleet must be added as assigned users to their applicable cases in order for them to see and access these cases in their accounts. Click here for more information about assigning users to a case.

Administrative Privileges

Administrators have special privileges in CaseFleet for managing Account Settings, including:

We advise limiting administrative privileges to those users who truly need them.

Modifying User Permissions

To manage user permissions, Administrators can visit Account Settings > Users. Select the pencil icon next to the user's name in the list, then select the desired permissions level. Click "Save" to confirm changes.

NOTE: Administrators, Standard, and Limited users are all paid user seats in CaseFleet. Upgrading a Free Guest User to Limited, Standard, or Administrative privileges, will result in a prorated charge to your card on file for the remainder of your current billing cycle for the selected user, and the number of user licenses on your account will be adjusted accordingly.

For more information about adding/deactivating users in your account, click here.

For more information about subscriptions and billing, click here.

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