Note: Only Account Administrators have access to Subscriptions and Billing.

To start a new subscription (or view your current subscription), visit Firm Settings > Subscription. From here you can choose your plan type, select a billing interval (annual or monthly), add additional licenses, and update your credit card info. 

Plan Type

CaseFleet offers Starter, Standard and Enterprise plans.  Read about what's included in each plan here.

Note: Administrators can upgrade from the Starter to the Standard plan in Firm Settings. To downgrade a Standard to the Starter plan, contact

Billing Interval

You can select either monthly or annual billing for your CaseFleet subscription. Annual billing requires payment in full upfront, but provides a 25% discount on the monthly rate. 

The credit card you entered when converting to a full subscription from the trial will be charged at the same interval based on your choice (the same day each month, or the same date each year). Subscriptions are charged at the beginning of each subscription period, so your account will be paid covering access for the month or year in advance. 

Note: Administrators can upgrade from monthly to annual billing in Firm Settings. To downgrade from an annual to a monthly plan, contact

Payment Details

Under the payment details section, an Administrator can manage the number of user licenses on a firm's account, and add or edit a debit or credit card from which payments will be taken.

When you cancel a user, the remaining days already paid for will appear as a credit to your account. There are no refunds for cancellations, but the unused time will be credited toward the next billing period. 

If you add a user to a monthly subscription, you will see a prorated charge immediately for the number of days the new user subscribed based on your billing cycle. (For example, if you started the monthly billing on May 1st and add a user on May 15th, you will only be charged for the user from May 15th-June 1st.) 

If you add a user to an annual subscription, your card will be charged immediately, but the amount will be prorated to the user's access for the remainder of your subscription period. (For example, if you started the annual billing in May and add a user in July, you will only be charged for that user from July-May.) 

For instructions on adding and removing users within an existing subscription, click here.

To view your payment history, visit Firm Settings > Billing History.

If you need to change or cancel your subscription, please refer to this support article: Cancelling and Restarting Your Subscription

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