One of the most important parts of account administration is managing users. 

To add users, visit Firm Settings > Users. Once there, click the “Invite User” button to invite a new user. You will have the option to choose from 4 different permission levels for the user:

  1. Account Administrator - Administrators have the ability to update firm information, adjust payment information, manage user access and permission levels, and see all data in the system. They can also create templates for contacts, issues and sources.
  2. Standard User - Standard users have access to all data in the system NOT INCLUDING firm information, user access/permission levels, and payment information. 
  3. Limited User - Limited users will only be able to see data related to cases they are assigned to.*
  4. Guest User - Guest users may only be assigned to a single case within CaseFleet. Access is free.*

Once added to the system, the new user will receive an email with a registration link for CaseFleet. After the user accepts the invitation and creates an account, they will appear in the list of accepted invitations under Firm Settings > Users. From this settings page, administrators can see all of the active and inactive users on the firm's account. 

*NOTE: If you have invited a Limited or Guest user, you'll need to assign them to their case(s) after they have registered their account in order for them to gain access to the case. To assign a case to a Limited or Guest user, go to the case home page and click the "+" button in the top right corner for adding users, then click on "add more users" and select the email associated with the limited user: 

Deactivating a User

To deactivate a user, click the blue button next to the user's name under Firm Settings > Users. Deactivating a user means that the user will not be able to log into your firm’s account and you will not be billed for the user. You can reactivate a user at a later time, but this will impact your billing.

Note that when you deactivate a user, you will not lose any of the user’s data from your firm’s account and any unused time on the subscription will be credited to the account for future use. Account administrators can also edit other user’s information, such as name, email address, billing rate, and status as lawyer and administrator.

For more information regarding billing for user licenses, click here.

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