Improve collaboration while creating and reviewing your fact chronology, by making use of fact filters and internal fact comments available on the Facts tab of your case. 

Using Filters to Review Work

Use the filters on the Facts page to see who created which facts or when the case was last updated. 

With the "created by" filter, you can filter facts by the user(s) who created them. Use this filter when you are reviewing someone else's work or when you need to revise or update your own work.

The "date created" filter allows users to refine information by the date it was added to CaseFleet. This filter is helpful when you want to see the most recent information added by team members or when the case was last worked on. 

For instructions on using filters generally in CaseFleet, click here.

Commentary on Facts

Use the notes feature to leave an internal comment on a fact that other members of your team can review and respond to. The notes feature is particularly helpful if you have questions about information contained in a fact or when there is follow-up work needed related to the contents of the fact. 

For instructions on using the internal notes feature, click here.

Created and Last Edited By

Each fact in your chronology contains a record identifying who created the fact and who last edited the fact. In conjunction with the created by filter, this information can be imperative when there is a question about the contents of the fact. To view the "created by" and "last edited by" data, click on an individual fact row on Facts page to launch the Edit Fact form as seen below:

Note: For the filter-by-user and fact notes features to work properly, all team members working on the case must be designated as assigned users to the case. For instructions on adding assigned users, click here

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