As you review, analyze and build your case, there will be instances when it's useful to leave notes or comments on facts. You can do this in CaseFleet once a fact is created. 

To leave a comment on a fact, click the edit button (pencil icon) so the Edit Fact form appears. You will see a field for comments at the bottom of the form. Each comment identifies who made the comment and the date and time the comment was written or edited. 

From the fact chronology page, you can tell which facts have comments by looking for the note icon. To view a comment, click on the applicable fact row. You can also search the text of comments using the Search tab in CaseFleet.

If you have multiple assigned users to a case, the other users will receive an email notifying them whenever a comment is made. The notification contains the case, fact and comment with a link to see the comment in CaseFleet. This handy collaborative tool also provides better record keeping than sending multiple emails back and forth.

For more information on fact collaboration in CaseFleet, click here.

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