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Reviewing Documents with Teams
Reviewing Documents with Teams

Learn how to maximize transparency and efficiency when conducting document review with your team.

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Reviewing documents, and creating facts from those documents, is central to CaseFleet. In a complex case, this process may involve thousands, or tens of thousands of documents, oftentimes being reviewed by a team of users. The following best practices will ensure your review process runs as smoothly as possible when collaborating on document review:

Assign Reviewers

CaseFleet lets you designate a single reviewer for each source document you upload in a case. This ensures clarity around who is responsible for reviewing and creating facts from each and every document. 

Assigning a reviewer also saves time because you can filter your list of sources in a case to display only the documents assigned to you. Sift through 10,000 documents and curate a list of the ones you need to work on in seconds.

Track Review Status of Documents

In addition to designating assigned reviewers, you can track whether each document has been reviewed, is in the process of being reviewed, or has yet to be reviewed by updating the "status" field of the document. You can also filter your documents by "percentage reviewed", which indicates how many pages in the document have been opened in the reviewer.

For instructions on assigning reviewers and adding/updating the review status of a document, as well as more information regarding the percentage viewed for a document, click here. You can also read more about editing the details of your sources here

Customize and Save Your Review List on the Sources Page

Using column customization and saved views on the Sources page will save you time when working with others on a complex case involving thousands of documents. By setting the columns and filters you'd like to see, only the documents you need will be visible. 

For example, when working on document review, customize your Sources page to show documents assigned to you that have a review status of "not started." You can then save these filters as either your default view or as a view you can select for recall later. 

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