Creating contacts at the beginning of your case provides a handy list of all the witnesses, parties and other persons or entities that make up the cast of characters in your case. You'll also be able to link specific contacts to facts by typing the "@" key as you enter the text of a fact in your chronology. Linking contacts to facts is particularly important when it comes time to run reports on witnesses.

Creating Contacts

To add a contact to your case, visit the Contacts tab located in the horizontal case menu bar and click the "+ Assign a Contact to this Case" button. From this dialog box, you'll be able to create a new contact or select an existing contact from your database to link to the case. (To access your database of all contacts from ALL cases, click Contacts on the left side of your screen.)

NOTE: Users with Limited or Guest permissions will only be able to see contacts included on the case(s) to which they have access.

When you add a contact to a case, we also recommend assigning a role to the contact. A role can be general, like "witness" or "defendant." It can also be specific, like the name of an employer. You can assign multiple roles to a single contact. The filter on the contacts page provides a fast way to narrow a long list of contacts to a targeted list. Note: Administrators can edit and create custom contact roles that appear in every new case by visiting Account Settings > Contacts.

You can also create contacts inline as you work from within the document reviewer or from the Facts tab. To learn more click here.

Merging Contact Records

Often a person or entity will show up in multiple cases, and it's best to only have one record for that contact in the database. CaseFleet helps you avoid creating multiple contact entries for the same person. If you're creating a contact, and the name of the contact matches a contact that already exists in your account, you'll be prompted to link the existing contact rather than creating a new one.

For any duplicates that you may have created already – good news: you can merge them by going to the contact record for the contact you would like to keep and clicking the merge button on the top right. Behind the scenes, CaseFleet will ensure that all of the details for the two records you're merging are combined in the most reasonable way possible.

Creating a Contact Alias and @-Name

The Alias field in the contact form allows you to create a shorted name for a contact that will appear on your chronology and in your reports. To create a contact alias, simply enter the shortened name in the "Alias" field of the contact form. If you do not wish to create an alias, leave the field blank and the full contact name will continue appear on your chronology and in your reports.

Once a contact has been added to a case, you will be able to link the contact to facts using their "@ Name". A contact's @ Name is auto-generated upon creation, but can be customized in the "@ Name" field on the contact record.

Note that when linking contacts to a fact the full contact name will still appear in the drop-down list, so it's easier to identify the correct contact, as demonstrated below.

To view a short video tutorial on working with Contacts, click here.

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