Linking the applicable contact(s) to a fact is crucial to maximizing analysis and reporting power in CaseFleet. When you link your contacts you'll be able to use filters to see connections and sift through hundreds (or thousands) of facts instantaneously to locate those involving a particular contact. You'll also be able to create work products for witness preparation or examination.

To link a contact, use the @ symbol as you type your fact to access a drop-down list of the contacts in your case. Then select the contact to link it to your fact.

When you link a contact using the "@" symbol, you'll see the contact's name appear in blue in your chronology on the Facts page.

These contacts are linked:

These contacts are not linked:

Note: These "@ names" are editable on the contact's record. For example, if you have a contact named "Thomas Jefferson" but you don't want to see @thomasjefferson in the memo each time you edit the fact, you could edit the @-name so that only @tjefferson appears. 

Once a contact has been linked in a Fact, hover over the contact name to display a contact card with more details about the selected contact.

For a broader overview of working with contacts in CaseFleet, check out our Contacts Overview article.

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