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Contact Cards on the Facts Tab
Contact Cards on the Facts Tab

View contact info directly from your chronology.

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Contact Cards Overview

Once a contact has been linked to a fact, the contact's name appears in blue in your chronology on the Facts page:

To view more information about a particular linked contact, simply hover over their name to display a contact card. On the pop-up, you can quickly see:

  1. The name of the person or entity

  2. Assigned role(s) and role detail information

  3. Contact's email(s), phone number(s), address, and memo

  4. The @-Name and Alias for the contact

To add the selected contact to your current set of filters, click the "Add contact to filter" button at the bottom of the card.

Expanding Shortened Text

Since a contact's role detail and/or memo may contain a significant amount of text, these fields are automatically shortened (truncated) after a certain number of characters. When this has occurred, an ellipsis will be displayed. To view the full content of a truncated field in the contact card, simply hover over the ellipsis:

For a broader overview of working with contacts in CaseFleet, check out our Contacts Overview article.

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