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Creating Contacts
Creating Contacts

Add new contacts wherever you create a new fact for your case.

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Adding Contacts to Your Case

To add a contact to your case, visit the Contacts tab located in the horizontal case menu bar and click the "+ Assign a Contact to this Case" button. From this dialog box, you'll be able to create a new contact or select an existing contact from your database to link to the case. (To access your database of all contacts from ALL cases, click Contacts on the left side of your screen.)

NOTE: Users with Limited or Guest permissions can only see contacts included on the case(s) to which they have access or contacts that they have created.

When you add a contact to a case, we also recommend assigning a role to the contact. A role can be general, like "witness" or "defendant." It can also be specific, like the name of an employer. You can assign multiple roles to a single contact. The filter on the contacts page provides a fast way to narrow a long list of contacts to a targeted list.

NOTE: Administrators can edit and create custom contact roles that appear in every new case by visiting Account Settings > Contacts.

Creating Contacts on the Facts Tab

In addition to creating new contacts under the Contacts tab in your case, you can create them from any place where you create facts.

To create a contact from the Facts page, click the chevron next to the "Create Fact" button to reveal a drop-down menu where you can select "Create Contact":

Creating Contacts within the Document Reviewer

You can also add or create new contacts while creating or editing a fact citation in the document reviewer. :

To learn more about Contacts in CaseFleet, click here.

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