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Citing to a Page when the Highlighter is Disabled
Citing to a Page when the Highlighter is Disabled

How to create a fact citation without selecting text.

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You may occasionally come across a document not compatible with the highlighting feature or that displays some irregularities with text capturing. Additionally, some evidence may be image files, such as .jpegs or .png files, so highlighting text to create the citation is impossible. Rest easy knowing that in these situations, you can still use the Document Reviewer to review your evidence and link your fact to the specific page that proves it.

When you are ready to create a fact, click the orange "Cite Page" button on the top menu bar to open the fact form and link it to the selected page in the Source. From there you'll be able to type in your fact, link witnesses, add issue tags, date and time, etc., for your fact. 

By using "Cite Page" you will have linked your fact to the page of the document that proves it.

To view a list of all citations for a given document - including full-page citations - open the Citations sidebar. Click here for more information.

For more details on Casefleet's document processing, duplicate detection, and text recognition, click here.

To read more about creating facts using the Document Reviewer, click here.

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