Formatting the Text in Facts

Quick instructions for creating bold text, italicized text, and block quotes.

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CaseFleet offers the ability to apply special formatting to fact text. For example, you can set off part of the text (or the whole fact) as a block quote, and you can also apply bold and italic formatting. All of these formatting options will be applied both in CaseFleet and in any Word-formatted reports.

This article covers:

Block Quotes

To create a block quote, add the ">" character to the beginning of a line of text:

This example shows that italicized and bold text can be included within block quotes (correlated will be italicized). When you save the fact, the formatting will be applied in the following way:

Bold and Italics

Create bold or italicized text by following these simple steps: 

  1. To bold text, place an *asterisk* on either side of the text you would like to appear in bold.

  2. To italicize text, place an _underscore_ on either side of the text you would like to appear in italics. 

  3. You can bold and italicize by placing _*an underscore and an asterisk*_ around the text.

Here's an example of what you would type when creating or editing a Fact with formatted text, along with how the saved fact appears in your chronology:

Line Breaks

Line breaks can also be added to your facts for readability. Just hit the return key to start a new paragraph:

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