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Filtering Facts
Quick Filters for Linked Contacts and Sources
Quick Filters for Linked Contacts and Sources

Quickly filter facts associated with a particular contact or document.

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When working on the Contacts or Sources tabs, you can easily filter your Casefleet chronology to show facts related to a particular contact or document with the click of a button.

Filtering by Linked Contact

On the Contacts tab, any case contact that has been tagged in a fact will display a link beneath the contact's name, indicating the number of related facts in your timeline. Click this link to quickly view a list of facts linked to the specified contact.

For more information on how to link contacts to facts, click here.

Filtering by Linked Evidence

Similarly, you can quickly view a list of facts cited to a particular document from your Sources tab using the "related facts" hyperlink beneath the Source name. Again, the link will indicate how many facts are associated with the document in question.

For more information on how to create facts during document review, click here. You can also create evidence citations for existing facts directly from the Facts tab (click here).

Pro tip: To keep from losing your place in the Contacts or Sources tabs, hold down the CTRL/CMD button while clicking the link to open related facts, and your filtered chronology will show up in a new browser tab.

NOTE: The number of related facts displayed on the Contacts and Sources tabs indicates the total number of facts associated with the record. This number combines the count of both archived and unarchived facts. For example, if the contact "John Doe" is associated with 8 unarchived facts and 2 archived facts, the link on the Contacts tab will read "View 10 related facts". For more information on viewing archived facts, click here.

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