Filtering Users

How to narrow your User Management view to only see a subset of users.

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On the Account Settings > Users page, administrators can use filters to quickly sort through and narrow their view to a subset of users on the account, based on certain criteria.

For example, you may want to see a list of only all Active users on your account, or perhaps create a saved view of users with certain permissions levels.

When you click on the Filter button, you'll see an option to filter by Email. Click on the "Email" operator to select which criteria you want to filter your user's list by. CaseFleet lets you filter users by any combination of the following:

  • Email

  • First and/or Last Name

  • Status

  • Permissions

  • Status Date Change

Filters can be customized using the drop-down list next to the list of options:

  • "Has any of" = or filter

  • "Has all of" = and filter

  • "Contains" = the field includes specific text

  • "Does not contain" or "Has none of" = everything except filter

  • "is empty" = the field has been left blank

  • "is not empty" = the field has been filled in

  • "Is after"; "is before"; or "is between" = filter based on a date

To learn how to save a filter as "saved view" check out this support article.

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