CaseFleet helps you to organize and manage your document review by assigning sources to different reviewers and tracking the review status of each document.

Automatic Review Tracking in the Document Reviewer Window

Whenever you view a deposition or document in CaseFleet, the pages you view will be tracked and will update the percentage of pages viewed for each document. The first place you'll see this feature is in the document reviewer window:

The review progress bar looks like a battery that's charging up. If you hover your mouse pointer over the battery, you'll see the percentage. Once 100% of the pages have been viewed, the battery will change to a checkbox.

Note: A page of a document is only considered to be viewed once you've been on it for approximately 1/4 of a second. If you flip through pages very rapidly, they won't be counted.

For a more detailed look at review progress, open the drop-down menu that lets you jump to a particular page within the document. Pages that have been viewed previously will display a check mark next to them:

This feature helps you quickly pick up where you left off the last time you were reviewing a document.

Automatic Review Tracking on the Sources Tab

You can also keep track of the percentage of pages viewed for a document on the Sources tab. Using the column selector, add the Percent Reviewed property to your view:

The same property is also available for filtering. Simply open the filter builder, and choose "Percent Reviewed" for the filter type:

Once you've added the filter, you can enter a percent (between 0 and 100) and choose "greater than," "less than," and various other options. Once you've set up your filter and column choices, saving them as a Saved View is a great way to reduce work for yourself in the future.

Assigning Reviewers and Setting Review Status

To assign reviewers and set the status of each source, visit the Sources tab in one of your cases. From here, you can create new sources/documents and edit existing sources. 

When editing (click the pencil icon) or creating a source, simply click on the Reviewer and Status fields to choose a reviewer and set the review status. You can also add/edit the assignee and status by clicking on the "edit source" button when you are working in the document reviewer. Note that by default, sources will not be assigned to a reviewer and will have a status of Not Started. 

Review status can also be quickly updated within the document reviewer by clicking the checkbox next to the Search icon and selecting the desired status:

To learn how to edit the reviewer and status fields for multiple sources at once, check out our support article on Bulk Editing Sources.

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