Casefleet Dashboard Overview

Learn about the various elements found your Casefleet dashboard

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When logging into your Casefleet account, you will be immediately taken to the dashboard, where you'll find several sections of interactive information cards:

Free trial information cards

If you are currently in a free trial of Casefleet, you'll see a "Trial information" section at the top of your Casefleet dashboard:

The cards in this section provide links for:

  1. Onboarding with Casefleet's "Getting Started" tutorial video and setup guide

  2. Viewing the "Texoma v. Jackson" sample case

  3. Inviting colleagues to participate in your free trial

  4. Starting your Casefleet subscription

NOTE: Once you start a paid subscription on your account, the "Trial information" section will be hidden from view.

Recent cases cards

In the Recent cases section of the dashboard, you'll see a snapshot of your 6 most recently accessed cases. To start a new case file, click the orange "Create a case" button on the top-right of the Recent cases section.

On each card, you'll see information about the name of the case, the case status (Open/Closed), the date the case was created in Casefleet, any assigned users, and the total number of documents uploaded to the case file. Click anywhere on the card to visit the selected case.

Jump back in cards

In the "Jump back in" section, you'll see cards of the 6 sources you have most recently viewed but not yet marked as complete. These cards include information on:

  1. The name of the recently viewed source document

  2. How recently it was last viewed

  3. The percentage of the document viewed in Casefleet by your team

  4. The last page you visited in the source

  5. Which case file the source is in

NOTE: The "Jump back in" section only includes documents with multiple pages, and excludes images, audio recordings, videos, and spreadsheets.

You can perform several actions in this section of the dashboard:

  1. Click the "Jump back in" button to launch the document reviewer and continue from the page you last visited

  2. Click the checkmark to mark a source's review status as "complete" and to remove it from your list

  3. Click the case name on the card to be taken to the Sources tab within that case file

  4. Click the "Refresh" button on the top-right of the section to refresh your list of recently viewed sources

Upcoming and past due task cards

Any tasks assigned to you with upcoming or past due dates appear in the final section of the dashboard (up to 6). On each card, you'll see the task and due date, the task status, the associated case file (if relevant), and the task creation date.

Click anywhere on the card to visit the detail page for the selected task. You can also click the case name on the card to be taken to the Tasks tab within that case file.

Recent activity

In the Recent activity section of the dashboard, you'll see a list of your 5 most recent actions in Casefleet, along with links to the related records:

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