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Tasks Overview
Tasks Overview

Learn how to tasks in CaseFleet can help keep your to-do list organized.

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Tasks help you stay organized, manage, and delegate work on each file. Our Task Manager ensures important casework never falls through the cracks and is a cornerstone to successful case management.

This article covers:

Global Tasks vs. Case Tasks

Tasks can be accessed in two different places within your CaseFleet account:

  • The Tasks tab in the menu bar of a case. The list of tasks found here includes only those that have been linked to the specific case file.

  • The global Tasks menu is accessible in the left-side toolbar. Task record visibility in the global tasks menu is dependent upon your assigned permissions level:

    • Administrators and Standard users can see all task records in the account for any case and/or user.

    • Limited and Guest users can only see any tasks associated with cases to which they have been given access.

NOTE: Users with Limited or Guest permissions will only be able to see tasks associated with the case(s) to which they have access.

Creating a New Task from the Task Manager

To access the Tasks Manager, click the Tasks icon in the vertical CaseFleet toolbar located on the left of your screen. You can add a new task to your queue or assign a task to another team member by clicking the "Create a Task" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

You’ll be prompted to enter a description of the task, choose a due date, select a status, and assign the person responsible.

When you create a case-related task from the Tasks Manager, you must designate the case if you want the task to appear on the case's tasks page. If the task is not associated with any case then this field may be left blank.

Creating a New Task in a Case

When you're working inside a case, click on the Tasks tab in the horizontal case menu bar to access a list of tasks for that particular case. To add a new task for the case, click "Create a Task" in the upper right part of the screen. From there you can enter a description of the task, choose a due date, select a status, and assign the task to a particular person.

Below is an example of how tasks appear in the case task list: 

NOTE: Any tasks created on the tasks tab in a case will be automatically linked to that case file.

For more information on using our task feature including setting task reminders, filtering tasks, and managing tasks, check out these articles: 

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