The Document Reviewer in CaseFleet gives you the ability to open a document, review it, and create facts directly from the document text.

By creating facts in this manner, your case will be impeccably organized in a way that is not possible in other systems. And your ability to recall any fact and the precise evidence that proves the fact will be just a click away. 

To use the Document Reviewer, upload files to your case, then click the "Launch Reviewer" button. Most files will likely be in .pdf or Word. However, for depositions or other transcripts, we strongly recommend uploading the document as a .txt file, which will launch a specialized deposition reviewer (read more here). You can also review audio and video files in CaseFleet (instructions here).

When you click "Launch Reviewer" your document will open in CaseFleet. Once you are in the document reviewer you can create facts by highlighting the text of the document, thereby linking each fact to its precise evidence, as well as tracking the related contacts and issues.  

Use can also use the menu bar to assist with your review. Here's a description of the functions, from left to right:

To learn how to create facts within the Document Reviewer, read on

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