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Document Reviewer Overview
Document Reviewer Overview

An introduction to the Document Reviewer feature.

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The Document Reviewer in CaseFleet gives you the ability to open a document, review it, and create facts directly from the document text. By creating facts in this manner, your case will be impeccably organized in a way that is not possible in other systems. And your ability to recall any fact and the precise evidence that proves the fact will be just a click away. 

Most file types, such as PDFs, Word documents, and images can be reviewed page-by-page in our standard document reviewer. CaseFleet also provides the following specialized reviewers for certain types of files:

  • The Deposition Reviewer is used for reviewing deposition transcripts in .txt file formats.

  • Audio and video files are automatically transcribed and playable in the A/V Reviewer.

  • The Spreadsheet Reviewer makes it easy to review Excel spreadsheets and .csv files.

To use the Document Reviewer, upload files to your case, then click the "Launch Reviewer" button once the document has been processed. By default, only one reviewer window is open at a time. To open multiple documents in the reviewer windows simultaneously, hold down the CTRL/CMD key while clicking the "Launch Reviewer" button.

Once you are in the document reviewer you can create facts by highlighting the text of the document, thereby linking each fact to its precise evidence, as well as tracking the related contacts and issues.  

The Document Reviewer Toolbar

You can also use the menu bar to assist with your review. Here's a description of the functions, from left to right:

  1. Tablet review compatibility icon

  2. Rotating and resizing the document

  3. Viewing a list of all existing citations in the document

  4. Page navigation tools

  5. Reprocess the document with OCR (more details on CaseFleet's document processing here)

  6. Download a copy of the original document

  7. Editing details of a Source record, including changing the name, assigning a reviewer, identifying the Bates number, and more.

  8. Full-text search (Standard plans only)

  9. Updating review status

  10. Navigating to the next/previous document in the Sources list

  11. Keyboard shortcuts

Additional Toolbar Options

Several additional buttons may appear in the reviewer toolbar for the following situations:

  1. If a source has been linked as an exhibit to another source

  2. If the deposition designations add-on feature is enabled for your account

To learn how to create facts within the Document Reviewer, read on

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